My professional journey began with providing addictions counseling within correctional facilities, followed by expanding into individual, couple, and family therapy within community counseling agencies in York Region. Working within these agencies proved invaluable as I received comprehensive training across various community treatment programs, engaged with diverse populations, and had the privilege of supervising and mentoring student therapists for many years.

Through my work, I observed that many clients struggled with traumatic backgrounds, hindering their progress in life. As a  a fervent advocate for personal growth and healing, I recognized the need to equip myself with additional tools to facilitate a more profound healing journey for others. This realization led me to pursue training in therapies that emphasize the mind-body-brain connection, empowering individuals to break free from entrenched patterns and embrace transformative change.

With over twenty years of experience in the mental health field, I currently serve as the Clinical Director at both the Newmarket Therapy Center and Neuro Soma Wellness Centre.